Gospel music sensation, Naa Mercy Sinclear and the “Sitsofe” hit maker, has revealed that she was introduced to LESBIANISM at the age of 10.


The anointed minstrel who is currently a mother and married to Pastor Christian Sinclear, made this shocking revelation in an interview with Jones Osae on our “Tuesday Morning Live” show.

Naa Mercy Sinclear, born Mercy Naa Ofeibea Amo Darko, was born fourth of 5 children to a Pastor and a nurse. Until 1995, she lived in Kumasi with her family and schooled at Grace Baptist till her family moved to Accra, where she continued at St. Martin de Porres School. She had her Senior High School education at Akosombo International School and later progressed to Methodist University to study Human Resource Management, though her

dream was to become a radio host. A dream which never materialized because of her calling into the music ministry.

It was at age 10 that she began to understand the gospel, though her father was a pastor, but at that same age she had an unusual encounter with a little girl (whose age she couldn’t
recollect) who introduced her to lesbianism. Between 1995 and 1998, the anointed songstress recounted how she struggled with lesbianism. A struggle which led to an eventual confession to her parents who prayed for her and delivered her; but as with every addiction the thought of committing the act still remained. ‘You know the thing with deliverance is that it is progressive…because you pick up an attitude, a habit and instantly it doesn’t go” even after been delivered. “Gradually the word of God transforms you and soon the appetite and taste for that sin leaves you”.

In effect, though the Holy Spirit had broken the hold of lesbianism over her life, she had to renew her mind with the word of God because she still had the desire to indulge in the act. By the time she was in Senior High School, she had become a tomboy and struggled each
time she had to bath with her female house mates. The appetite for lesbianism, though she had been prayed for had not left her. Her music teacher at the time, on the other hand, had
noticed her singing abilities and began to “push” her to develop her God given talent. He saw in her what she could not see in herself. She further revealed that after SHS, the devil kept his hold on her, and soon she was involved in stealing, lying and masturbation. She masturbated at the least opportunity and though her parents were not aware of what she was doing, they suspected that all was not

It wasn’t till 2005, that she was completely delivered from her addictions and the hold of sexual sin, that had attempted to cripple her God- given destiny of becoming the anointed
gospel artiste that she is now, was broken.

Her deliverance occurred through continuously listening to a song by Shirley Caesar, titled “Touch, Heal and Deliver”, which she was learning to sing with Harbour City Mass Choir at

“Intellecto” in 2005. It was her first major stage performance and by the time she was done ministering the song, she had been delivered and the realization that she was called into the music ministry dawned on her. “I realized that when I sing something happens, it was not just about the amazing voice, but the effect of the voice. That is what I became
conscious of!” In 2010 she met her husband, Ps. Christian Sinclair. “I was at dress rehearsal… preparing for a ministration, I was dating then, but when I saw Christian…I felt something in me…I knew that was my husband”. Fast forward to 2012 they were married, after he proposed in a beautiful ceremony, face-to-face and in the presence of friends and loved ones “not in the
childish, telephone manner that has become common among young people of today”.

According to her, proposals should be done properly, because it is a very important step in
any relationship.

Asked whether her past affected her marriage she mentioned that the consequences of her sexual sins exposed her in the spiritual realm to so many things and the consequences of

her actions resulted in delayed childbirth. “Sometimes after doing what a man and the wife do, I would wake up in the morning and it’s like someone has dug something out of me, like clots. My menstrual cycle ceased from
2012 till date”. She revealed. Her marriage suffered, and at a point she wanted to give up; but God surrounded her with wise counsel, through Prophet Atsu Manasseh and other powerful
minsters of God whom she acknowledged.

She conceived miraculously without having her menstrual cycle, but in January 2015, after a short period of bleeding she went to the hospital and the doctor mentioned that the baby
had died 3 weeks before her visit. For a month she was depressed but after receiving congratulatory messages on Facebook, after she jokingly posted a picture of herself and her husband with a child that was not theirs, the songstress mentioned that something was provoked in her; that made her decide that enough was enough.
She agreed in the spirit with her husband and they prayed. By 3rd September, 2017 at 12 midnight she checked and she was pregnant. Notwithstanding, her pregnancy wasn’t all smooth and rosy because she revealed that after 4 months she started bleeding again. “In the 4th month of pregnancy I began to bleed again. Then I remembered my friend told me
she had several miscarriages and when she eventually had the first living child she began to bleed at a point, so she spoke to the pregnancy and said when you finish bleeding stay there”. In faith she did same and decided not to seek a doctor’s opinion about what could be
wrong or to be told that something had happened to the baby. To the Glory of God, by 2nd May 2018 she gave birth to her first child and after a year God did it again and blessed her with another seed.

Through it all, she never lost her faith and concluded by reiterating the need for Christians to trust in God and in His saving power.

“In my life I don’t have anything but God. I’m stuck with God. I did feel low, but the Holy Spirit encouraged me. So trust the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding!”

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